Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vampire Bite Blog Hop

Reasons why I hate Twilight
1. So gosh darn long!!!
2. Small Print makes it very hard to read
3. Each book gets longer by about 100 pages every book

Vampire Survival Tips
1. Be nice- treat people the way you want to be treated!
2. DO NOT PROVOKE A VAMPIRE!!!! This will only make them want to suck your blood that much more
3. Avoid vampires at all costs

Why do I love Vampires? They are amazing creatures and they're really interesting!


  1. Time to read the Anne Rice books (if you haven't already) ~

    Popped in from the Vampire Bite blog hop ~

  2. I've got a soft spot on my pulse-points for vampires. Enjoy the hop!

  3. Very sound advice! I enjoyed the first book of Twilight but then began to become bored with the sequels. They seemed forced.

  4. Thanks for the short but sweet blog, nice to meet you Morgan, via the blog hop and most definitely avoid vampires at all costs! :)


  5. I hated Twilight because of Meyer's writing. She lost me after about 50 pages. However, I LOVED the movies.

  6. I took to Twilight for some unknown reason and wrote a ton of canon fanfiction. Almost all of it was about the secondary characters. Maybe I was trying desperately to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear? I know I can't stand to read them any more, but I did enjoy them the first time. *sigh* Well, now I have my own vampires, and you WANT to provoke them. :D Trust me!

  7. Hi new follower GFC. Love your blog!

    Here is mine:
    Thanks Aj


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