Thursday, December 12, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

The book that I found when doing this activity was My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult. This is a must read if you like a tear jerker. It is a veryinspirational story with a suspenseful plot twist!!! Spoiler: the end is incredibly ironic! This novel was even made into a movie with Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. It's a good movie, but I personally like the book better (books are always better than movies).  This book is often publicized as a YA book, but it's really an adult book due to the themes: cancer, family relationships, and love. This book has changed my life! READ IT! You won't be sorry.


  1. I know both movie&book but I never get the chance to read to be honest. I hope I'll, but again I'm not much a fan of non fiction genres.

    Have a nice Friday! Old Follower.

    Greetings, From Booker Like a Hooker

  2. I've read this one! It was definitely interesting and a bit... touching.
    Old follower

  3. Thanks for suggestion,interesting pick. new Google plus follower.

    Whiskey @ Unladylike Reviews.


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