Tuesday, March 4, 2014

IWSG: A-Z Challenge and Critique Partner Wanted!

The A-Z Challenge is quickly approaching, and I have absolutely no idea what my theme will be this year! Last year I did a list of random facts about myself, but I'd really like to do something more creative. I am obviously a reader/writer, but my other interests include food/cooking, traveling, health/medical, and being lazy. Anyone have any ideas for me out of these for something that could work as a theme?

Secondly, I am looking for a Critique Parter (CP) that I could keep in contact with. I am looking for a female that has experience writing nonfiction. If you fit this criteria, please let me know in the comment section. 


  1. Good luck coming up with a theme and with the A-Z! I'm looking forward to the Challenge again this year but it is stressful coming up with posts sometimes. Great to meet you through the IWSG!

  2. Hi Morgan!

    I think you have several great themes listed - cooking, health, travel are all great. Being lazy is one of my traits but it'd be hard to blog about unless I typed *yawn* every day.

    I'm honestly not sure where to find a great CP. I stumbled across mine. I adore him!

    I'm writing a non-fictional book and have gotten advice from my CP on my journey with it. I can pass that along if you think it'd help. But, I'm not published..yet... =)

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge
    co-host IWSG

  3. health is a good one, can go everywhere from pill popping, to fluoride heads to emf, three right there lol

  4. Food would be fun! Or travel. I bet you could find a dish or country for every letter of the alphabet.

  5. Hi. Just stopping by early no the A-Z. How about a recipe a day? (Theme reveal posts are coming up.)


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