Tuesday, July 1, 2014

IWSG: Book Rant

Ok, so I have to warn you that my IWSG post today is a rant post. I am an incoming freshman

at Loyola University Chicago. For our English class this upcoming year, we have to read a 

novel called 'Tattoos on the Heart'. It's all about God and how people relate to him. I don't 

have anything against God, but I'm honestly not religious at all, and this is boring me to tears.

I literally have to force myself to read 10 pages a day! Why are all the books schools assign 

students to read so boring and dull? Again, I'm not trying to offend anybody, just stating my 



  1. It's ok, I understand. I've had to trudge through more boring books than I can count at uni. Getting a degree is about endurance. Sad but true. Keep your eye on the prize!

  2. I completely agree, Morgan!
    They say that it's to "learn," but honestly, you can find the same core values in John Green's books as in Ernest Hemmingway's! And the plus side is we can actually ENJOY reading them!
    Honestly, if it isn't something like Shakespeare, I don't get the point of the blandness.
    It is kind of offensive that they are making you read a book on God. What if your religious beliefs differ and you are against reading the book because of your religion (not trying to offend anyone!)?

    - Sabrina

  3. They always are boring. That's why I don't like very many classics. Was forced to read too many of them in school.
    Really surprised they would have you read a book on God. It usually goes the other way. (I'm a Christian, but not offended!)


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