Thursday, December 17, 2015

Feature and Follow Friday!

Question of the Week: If you could write a book what would it be about? 

I'm actually working on a book right now about my experience with cancer. It's a memoir, and I'm not sure if it counts as 'writing' when I haven't really had time to do anything with it in the last year or so. 

Would anyone want to help me move forward with this? It's my dream to get published, and I'd need someone that likes YA writing, since that's my audience. 


  1. That's so great, writing about your experience. I hope you get the help you need. Good luck with it! GFC follower. :-)

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  2. I hope somewhere you can get inspired to finish you book. I'm a new follower on GFC. You can see my FF here:

  3. I think it's great that you'd want to share a story so personal to you. I hope it works out! Good luck!

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  4. That sounds really great so I hope you can get published someday :)
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  5. A memoir definitely counts as writing! I have also had cancer and I am always curious about how other experienced it. I am following you via GFC. My blog is

  6. I think that's a fantastic story to tell. I love personalized stories and I think it really helps others understand they're not alone. Sure, we know we're not, but it's always great to be able to see other people's experiences.

    Kristine @ The Writer's Inkwell

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  7. I think that's a great idea!! If you ever want someone to proofread I love doing that :) -Elizabeth

  8. Best of luck with this project, Morgan! Persevere, and you shall get published :) Stopping by from the Lost & Found gang to say a pre-hop "hi". Looking forward to your post tomorrow!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter & Life In Dogs


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