Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Blogging Goals

2013 represents a whole new start for me. I wasn't the best blogger in 2012, but I'm determined to change that. For starters, I need more time to actually sit down and READ rather than just say, "I'm going to spend half an hour tonight reading". Then the reading never gets done. Along with that....

1. Find a book that I actually like. I have a bad habit of just picking up any random book and deciding to read it. 99% of the time, the book puts me to sleep. I need to wake up and smell the words! (That was my lame attempt at being funny)

2. Actually finish a book. Lately, I've been ending books in the middle due to boredom. Or maybe just have a really short attention span? In any case, I need to make myself actually finish what I start instead of just casually throwing the book down and giving up.

3. Gain as many new Followers as I can. Need I say more on this one?

4. Start a blog hop. Due to goal #3, I really want to start a blog hop. Allison Can Read and Parajunkee have set the bar very high with their Follow Friday, which is wildly popular. How do you even start a bloghop?

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  1. Hi I'm a new follower from Book Blogs.



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