Saturday, January 26, 2013

Re-introduce myself Blogfest

I'm thrilled to be participating in this blogfest! :) Instead of making this post incredibly drawn out, I figured it'd be best to just get on with it. I'll just post some interesting facts about myself on here- I guarantee each of you will learn something new! :)

1. I have a huge fear of needles. I can't even stand the thought or sight of them! Yikes!!
2. I was born at 35 weeks gestation. I had bleeding in my brain, and had to spend three weeks in the hospital because of it.
3. I am an only child.
4. I love The Middle, Teen Mom, and 16 and Pregnant (all t.v shows). And no- I don't want to be a mom (yet)- I'm only 16! Ask me again in another ten years!
5. I love cats, and am terrified of dogs.
6. I am a cancer survivor.
7. I love to cook, and I have a terrible sweet tooth.
8. My dream is to go to DePaul University.
9. My favorite fruits are strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
10. I am a Chinese food fanatic!
11. I love the color pink.
12. I've always had an interest in the human body, yet I abhor science.
13. My personal role model is my former english teacher.
14. I cannot ride a bike ( see #2).
15. I have been on 5 cruises.
16. I love helping others who are less fortunate than I.
17. I am left-handed.
18. I am a fan of caramel corn.
19. I love swimming, but not competitively!
20. My favorite holidays are Halloween, Valentines Day, and Cinco de Mayo ( my birthday).


  1. How fun to meet someone new. I am a college professor at Columbia in Chicago and attended DePaul. It's a great school! Keep plugging along and enjoy the journey. Check us out at

  2. You're 16 and you're a cancer survivor? Wowser, girl, it's no wonder you hate needles. Confession: I hate 'em too and pink is my favourite colour. Nice to meetcha!

  3. Hi, Morgan! I think you are awesome :) You have a new follower in me.

  4. Wow, nice to meet you! You're one super duper tough girl, who's been through a lot, but sounds like you enjoy life to the fullest! I love the fact that you're 16 and have your own blog. You go girl! I also looooove the fact that you don't want a baby, yet, lol. It's great to come across a teen w/a good head on their shoulders. I look forward to reading more of your posts and hope you'll pop over to my blog! :)

  5. DePaul is a great school. You've overcome so many challenges already I'm sure you reach those goals too.

  6. You are a very interesting person and Congrats! on being a cancer survivor! And thanks for participating in the Re-Introduce Myself Blogfest!

  7. Great to meet you Morgan! You sound like a brave and awesome person!
    We share no.14 & 16... I cannot ride a bike and I'm always rooting for the underdog...
    I love your introductory list... cool approach.

  8. Thanks for sharing - seems that you have gone through a lot already in your 16 years! And I wouldn't say I'm terrified of dogs, but they certainly annoy me. And yet I have known some very super cute dogs. I'd just never want to own one - they're too much work. Cats take better care of themselves and I love that they're tidy. hehe

    Saying all that, recently I have paid out a LOT of money for my boy cat who always gets into fights (he gets beaten up, poor bubby). And have had to clean his bum of poo, because he pood in fright on the way back from the vet! Joys of feline motherhood ;)

  9. So nice to meet you, Morgan. (I love that name, by the way.) : ]

  10. Hi Morgan! Great to meet you! And learn so much about you at the same time. Wow it seems you're truly destined to be here after all you've been thru. Glad you are.
    Funny, I used to be a cat person but Hubby is allergic so I was forced to become a dog person. Now I'm hopelessly attached. :)

  11. Hi, Morgan,

    Wow, I had no idea you were so young... I read your other post first. I admire you all the more now!

    Such maturity. You write very well too! You will make your dream and head for Du Paul... I feel it in my bones. LOL. I am psychic sometimes. LOL.

    One thing that so amazing about our blogging community we have such a diversity in ages, yet there is no age.... We connect with our passion and creativity.... what a wonderful thing.

    Take care of yourself sweets, and keep us posted on your journey.

  12. A pleasure to meet you, Morgan - happy days :)


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