Monday, September 10, 2012

Attempt #2!

This is the second blog I've attempted to start in the past three months. My first blog, entitled Transformation, did not go well. I had no followers or comments. Not very useful when your main purpose of starting a blog in the first place is to receive feedback on your writing! I like to think that this time will be different. Of course, I will be more knowledgable in the blogging world this time! I will try to find followers, follow other blogs, etc.... Here goes nothing!

Now, in order to help people start commenting: what should my next piece of writing be about? I love writing dramatic stories and sad stories.


  1. Write about your life! What classes are you taking this year? What colleges are you looking into? What are your aspirations? These are all things I'd love to hear about! :)

  2. I never miss a happy ending romantic story...!! you get the clue..??



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