Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am officially addicted to this blog. I especially love Follow Fridays- such a great way to get followers!
    Right now, I'm fully immersed in Not MY Daughter by Barbara Delinsky. It's about teen pregnancy. I truly feel sorry for those girls. How can you raise a baby when you're still a kid yourself? I love 16 and Pregnant. I watch it religiously every week. Then again, it sort of glorifies the experience of being a teen mom. Being a teen mom is hard. It changes your entire life.

I took a child development class my sophomore year of high school. One of the assignments was to take care of a fake baby for a weekend. It was horrible. She wouldn't stop crying, and I stayed up all night! People were staring at me, and I felt really awkward when I went outside in public.

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