Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

Q: Share something you’ve learned about book blogging or just blogging in general in the last month.

Hmm... that's a hard one! 
1. It takes a lot of patience!
2. You meet a lot of different types of people through blog hops.
3. There are annoying people who are anonymous commenters. They harass your blog, don't leave their names, and then leave a completely unproductive, irrelevant, and often annoying comment on a post. I've had this happen, and I have had no choice but to turn off anonymous commenting. Beware!


  1. I've been fortunate to avoid those Anonymous comments, though I do get comments that are mostly spammish, even if they have a real person's name attached. i.e. "I think what you have written here is wonderfully composed, do see my blog" or something :P

    Learned in the last month?? Gee, I dunno. ;)

  2. luckily, haven't had any of those comments! blogging does take a lot of patience, loaaaaddsof it. just followed you :)

    F&F Friday

  3. They aren't anonymous most of the time. They're just spam that's anonymous so it can't be traced. Sometimes, the links take you to a virus site so BEWARE!


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    - Nova @ Musings of a Blogder

  4. I sure hope I don't have any bad spam comments. I've been good so far!

    old follower!

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    Amber @Paradise of Pages

  5. Number 3 is super annoying. I get annoyed when people act like idiots and hide behind an anonymous tag.

    Haven't been by in a while. How's it going?

  6. Morgan I haven't actually had this same problem with the Anon commenters :( that would definitely be annoying, but I think that Blogger takes my spam comments, because when I click on the Spam bar in Comments sometimes it's got ones there, but I do have the Approve Comments turned to on, and now I've been using Disqus because I can't get my threaded comments to work on my Blogger :(

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  7. I've had problems with #3 a lot. Unfortunately I haven't actually made any connections with any other bloggers, and I really regret that. Hopefully that'll change now that my life has settled down some.

    Anyway, old follower via GFC.

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  8. I've never had any trouble with anonymous commenters...that sounds really annoying!

    I'm a new GFC follower!

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  9. I've had a few anonymous commenters. it gets frustrating.

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  10. Meet new people through blog hops and read-a-thons is my favorite. It's almost addicting hopping around, and I have to remind myself to actually read. Ha!

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  11. Yes I agree, you DO need a lot of patience and 'time' which I wish I had more of. I love doing blog hops, I've met some lovely people and discovered lots and lots of books I've never heard of before which is great. Fortunately I don't get anonymous comments but I can imagine it being very annoying.

    New follower on GFC.

    Linsey @

  12. I need to turn off the anonymous comments before I have that issue. Followed you via G+ and GFC. :)

    Wanda @ A Book Lover's Retreat

  13. Are you talking about spammers? When I get those comments from anonymous people, at first I wondered why they bothered commenting when the comments had nothing to do with my post. Then I realized they're fake profiles trying to get people to click on the links they leave, which probably lead to viruses on your computer, etc. Those are definitely annoying!

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  14. Hi Morgan,
    I agree with the patience needed to post, promote and to find stuff that will interest your visitors.
    By the way, I've liked your essay.

    Your new follower,


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