Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I'm participating in the W.E.P blog fest today! As many of you know, I'm applying to college in a couple of months. As such, I have decided to post my essay on the blog as my entry for this blog fest. It has been edited by an english teacher, and this is my final draft. Enjoy!

The Truth About Cancer

         All of us, including me, have a story that defines who we are as human beings.  As songwriter Delta Goodrem once said, “I feel like I lost my innocence to cancer”. I too have lost my innocence to cancer.I was diagnosed with a rare type of sarcoma on my scalp in November of 2011. My treatment involved two major surgeries, the second of which involved general anesthesia, a skin graft, and a seemingly infinite recovery period. Thankfully, I am now cancer free.
Since I have had cancer, I have learned the true meaning of friendship. I had so much support from friends and family. I learned that true friends are people who are there for you even in the most difficult of times. My biggest support resource was my blog that I put together to document this whole experience. As of right now, my blog has been viewed 1,227 times by the general public. People have showed me more compassion that I would have ever thought possible! This blog has been cathartic for me because it acts as an outlet for me when I am stressed about any aspect of this experience.
         Being a cancer survivor has helped me be thankful for my health, and to have a new outlook on life. I appreciate my health so much more now that I know that there are people out there who die of cancer every day. Before the cancer was diagnosed, I used to think that only elderly adults were cancer patients, and that this would never happen to me! Now I know that cancer does not discriminate, and teenagers are just as likely to be diagnosed as older people are. I am also more careful about my health now that I know how fragile it is. I am always careful to use sunscreen, to get regular checkups, and to get as much sleep as possible.
I have learned to be more independent since I was diagnosed. I learned how to advocate for myself, not just with doctors and hospitals, but with my teachers as well. I missed a week of school second semester sophomore year, which explains why my grades went down that semester; however, I learned an equally valuable lesson- how to advocate for myself, which is a lifelong skill. During my absence, I worked on being assertive by emailing my teachers about missed work and then going in to see them when I returned to school. Being assertive and advocating for yourself is the only way to accomplish things in life. Being able to advocate for myself in college is a valuable skill that I possess.
Last but not least, cancer made me a stronger person. Presently, I do not become devastated when I hear bad news; rather, I think to myself, Ok, what’s the worst that could happen? I will just deal with it- I have no other choice. Before this diagnosis, I used to become hysterical in the face of bad news. I used to panic and become incredibly distraught. Now, when life gives me lemons, I am able to make lemonade!


  1. Nice essay. More importantly, it's wonderful that you've used your personal crisis as an opportunity to grow.

    Good luck with the college applications!

  2. Well done - this statement definitely shows that you have grown up a lot and faced some of life's scariest challenges even at a young age.

  3. Morgan, I have been eagerly anticipating this essay. Thank you so much for your brave words which I'm sure will be a blessing to others -- young or old -- who face this challenge. You must be proud of yourself for the way you tackled this, and for the positive growth it has achieved in you. As you rightly say, becoming an advocate is priceless in modern society. It is too easy to be overlooked if you don't speak up and clearly state your expectations. This is why so many people, when struck with a major health challenge, often hide away, depressed, too weak to help themselves. You've learned at a young age that you must be strong!

    The essay was well written. (Aren't English teachers wonderful?) I enjoyed its progression through the 'story' and appreciate the philosophies and personal truths it contained.

    I wish you a cancer-free life from now on. I hope you can write for us again. You have a very fresh way of communicating. The next challenge is MOVING ON. Perhaps you can tell us more of your journey, or you may come up with a completely different idea.

    Thank you for posting to the inaugural WEP bloghop. I hope you can click on some links and read a few other entries.


  4. Beautiful and inspirational!
    Thank you for sharing this special essay with us Morgan.
    Writer In Transit

  5. If anything proves strength better than this I don't know what it is. You'll undoubtedly have your choice of school once you start applying.

  6. Nice to meet you Morgan. I am so glad you are cancer free and learning to be an advocate is a great tool. When I was young, I always blamed myself for ill fortune of any kind. Now I know that it rains on the just and the unjust alike, as the Bible says. Much of what we suffer can be eased by our own attitude toward it. Now if something happens, I don't internalize it but view it like bad weather and say. "This too will pass."

    Your essay was well written and moved me.

  7. Hi, Morgan,

    You are such a fighter... one must be in this world we live in.... anything can happen at any time... On WednesdayI was hit by a cyclist... broken wrist, concussion, and 20 stitches in my face and head.... I am lucky... it could've been much worse. But now my life is limited for the next two months... a writer with only one hand will certainly be challenged. Typing is a nightmare... but this shall pass....

    Both my parents had cancer ... my Dad died from it... it scares me to this day. But I know it can be beat... I am so happy to hear that you have won the battle...

  8. So sorry for your experiences here, but so glad you are brave and have turned this into something you've learned from. Thank you for sharing, because it helps me to learn as well, not to whine about things or situations that really don't matter. Your story puts it all in perspective.


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