Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A-Z Challenge: B

Due to the A-Z Challenge, I am not participating in IWSG this month. Alex, please forgive me.

B is for Barbie and Barnie. Barnie as in that adorable huge purple dinosaur we all love! I posted the video clip of the song below. I used to watch barney every day as a child! It's not on TV anymore so I'm told, so the kids of today's generation are missing out. 

B is also for Barbie. I loved her as a kid. I had a car for her to 'drive' in and probably five outfits for her. However, now that I look at it, she is a big cause of eating disorders and body image problems in little girls. They want to look like her and have her body (aka really flat stomach), and some of those expectations are unhealthy and unrealistic. We need to teach girls from a young age to appreciate our bodies the way they are! As much as I love Barbie (because I do), she encourages body image problems!


  1. I was a Barbie fan, not so much Barney. Did not realize he's not on tv anymore. I did play with Barbie as a kid, but I have two boys so no Barbies anymore.

  2. Take that back, we do have a Barbie car b/c hey it's a car and boys like cars. LOL


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