Saturday, April 5, 2014

A-Z Challenge: E

E is for Elmo from Sesame Street. I used to love all the characters from that show when I was little. I had a plate with them on it and, according to my mom, I used to say 'Hello Guys!" to them. I loved big bird and Elmo especially- so sweet and cuddly and innocent!!

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  1. Hello, yes, I like Elmo, too. Just went back and read your post about Cancer. It has invaded my family in several members, a daughter diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, about the time my husband passed away, and a son-in-law (other daughter's husband) was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. My only sister had uterine cancer when she was only 40. But she was cured and survived for another 43 years. It is no respecter of persons, is it? Best regards to you, my friend. Ruby.

    Blabbin' Grammy


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