Tuesday, June 6, 2017

IWSG: Quitting

This month's IWSG question is 'Did you ever say “I quit”? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?' 

Short answer: Yes. My main reason for quitting was that I was too busy with school and didn't have enough time to write. Everytime I wanted to sit down and have some quality writing time, something (usually homework came up)-- either that or I was too tired to write since it was usually late at night
before I found even a spare second to have to myself.

My other reason for quitting writing was  that I didn't have anyone, either in real life or in online form, to read what I'd written. Writing is relaxing, but I really wanted to have someone read it and give me feedback. Besides, if you're like me and want to become a published author someday, having someone to read and critique your work is a logical place to start, right? I started writing again in Spring 2016 when I took an amazing creative writing class at college, where I made up my mind that I  was determined to become a published author someday. And thus, my writing career took off! 


  1. School is a very good reason to take a writing break, but it's great that you got back into it!

  2. Awesome. Yeah, I went back to school a few years ago and it was tough finding any kind of motivation to write around all those assignments. BUT, school kicked my reading speeds into high gear which has been a huge blessing in critiquing other people's work. Hidden blessings, eh?

  3. Hi Morgan, I loved doing a creative writing course at university. Above all, it taught me how to learn. Good luck with your writing!:-)

  4. I'm sure your writing course has you covered, but I've had amazing luck with finding beta readers in my writer's association. I belong to Romance Writers of America. If that's not your writing genre, I understand that most writer's associations have their own way to match up members for critique reading. I'd really recommend it, if it's feasible for you!

  5. This is my first time here, Morgan. I've followed your blog and will connect with you online.

    I started college once my twins, the youngest of 5 children, were in second grade. It took me ten years to complete my B.A. and I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Presently, I'm writing a memoir about my experience. I agree with Crystal. Finding time to write other than for college assignments is next to impossible. All the best to you.

    1. Hi Victoria!! Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by!! Very nce to meet you.

  6. Good on you for doing a college class and I hope you find it helpful. As has been suggested, joining a writer's association is a good way to find beta readers. I've found the on-line writing community to be very helpful and supportive and have met my beta readers from this method. Welcome to the group Morgan and best of luck with your writing!

  7. Welcome back to the writing world! Sometimes real life has a way of intruding on what we want to do. When we lack the available time - and the necessary energy - sometimes it's harder to keep trying to pursue our desires. Glad you're back writing!
    Trisha Faye
    Writer’s Zen: www.writerszenblog.wordpress.com

  8. Hi, Morgan! Kudos for you for coming back to writing and pursuing your passion! I tend to think of those kinds of forced breaks from writing as writing deferred not quit. That little mind game keeps me from terminal discouragement. Good luck with your writing this month!

  9. Sounds like you had a sabbatical but never lost sight of your goal. Sure way to succeed!

  10. Yay! A happy ending!
    Good for you!

    Thank you,
    Heather M. Gardner
    Co-Host/Admin IWSG

  11. I think we all go through busy times when life creeps up on you and there isn't time to write. Glad you're coming back to it.

  12. I agree, joining a group specific to your genre will help you find beta readers or critique partners. There are facebook groups as well as online groups. I love beta reading so depending on your genre, I'd also be interested. Good luck finding other writers to interact with and swap with, that will definitely help you. Glad you' didn't give up :)

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