Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Icee.

Icee is a brand of slushies. I grew up drinking these on the beach during the summer, and I even had a little Icee-making machine from Target when I was little. It didn't work, but I was obsessed with it and had fun trying to replicate the Icees from the beach that I loved.

I worked at Auntie Anne's pretzels this last summer, and they just so happened to have an Icee machine. Employees got unlimited free drinks, so I admitedly drank way too many cherry Icee drinks. I also might have had a couple of coke ones.

If any of my readers don't know what brand I'm talking about, here's a visual:


  1. I used to get these a lot as a kid, but I haven't seen an ICEE machine in forever well, other than what you can get at Burger King (which I do upon occasion).

  2. I used to love those Icee's too when I was growing up. I remember the 7-11's used to have them. I haven't looked for them in a long time. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. We still have Icee machines at gas station's down south. We used fo have them at Pack - a - Sack's that tuned into 7-11's then Circle K's. I love Icee's. And they are very different than slurpees. I just dropped by from the challenge to say hello.


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