Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogging A to Z- "K"

"K" is for Kitty. I have always loved cats. Up until I was 12, I had an adorable cat named Winnie. She was light brown with white paws, and she was a member of our family. She actually had a personality. One of my favorite memories of her was when she used to sit on the kitchen chair as if to say, " When's dinner?". Since she died, I have been incessantly begging my parents for another cat, but the answer has always been "no" because of all the cat hair. We got new couches recently, and the hair would be an issue- it'd get all over the couches.
 I am begging my parents for a kitten, but so far that has gotten me nowhere. I just love cats when they snuggle up next to you!


  1. I have a neurotic cat, but I still adore him. His nickname is Steelyballs. :)

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  2. I love cats, but, alas, I am allergic to them :-( New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


  3. I love cats too but since I've lost my cat in 2011 I haven't adopted another one. If you want to check my post about my cat ( )
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