Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Valentine's Day

A to Z Challenge [2013]

I have always loved Valentine's Day-- partially because of the chocolate/candy! I have always had a huge sweet tooth.That's why I think of Valentine's Day as a perfect excuse for candy!

Here's a cute Valentine's Day story. I have a friend who happens to be a boy. We are not dating or anything like that. However, 2/14/13, I walk into my homeroom and receive a red carnation. I was shocked. I looked at the stem, and saw that there was a note. It said "Happy Valentine's Day, Morgan. From Charlie". That made my day!


  1. I think I'd love Valentine's Day a bit more if I didn't always have to buy my own chocolate on that day ;)

  2. Carnations are one of my favorites. I got engaged on Valentine's Day. Now I've been married to him for 20 years and life keeps getting better all the time:)


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