Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for....

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzz....... I am one of those busy high school juniors who seems to never get enough sleep. I am always up doing homework, reading, or playing around on my laptop. I usually go to bed before 11, but it can sometimes vary. *yawn*

I'd like to thank everyone that has commented and followed during the course of this challenge. I can't believe it's already over! I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait for next year's! Then again, I really need to come up with a better theme before then. I'm thinking... well... wait, why should I tell you? It's a surprise!! Please check back tomorrow for my reflection post!!


  1. I'm very glad it's over, personally, but I still had a great time. I look forward to visiting more blogs instead of posting so much! ;)

  2. Congrats on the finish and now get some rest. :P

  3. Your repetitive Z's are luring me into a coma. Or maybe they're just reminding me that I need to crash too. Way to make it to the end!

  4. Congrats on completing the challenge!
    Yes, that zzz is how I feel, too ;D
    My daughter is just like you, a junior who needs more zzzzs!

  5. Congrats on completing the challenge! It has been enthralling but energy sapping!
    Cheers for now!

    - Dishit from Only the Crazy Survive!!!

  6. Hi Rachael ... congratulations on finishing - a job well done ... so pleased for you and enjoy that zizzzzzz .. Hilary


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