Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blogging challenge- age 3!

If I remember correctly, I started preschool when I was three. I don't remember much, but what I do remember is that I did a lot of coloring and playing outside. I also remember that we had a huge circular rug with the alphabet on it. Each kid was assigned a letter to sit on- mine was U.


  1. Gotta love that letter U :)
    they didn't have preschool when I went to school and only a few kids went to kindergarten! My how the times have changed!

  2. Funny the things we remember...and yes, coloring seemed to be very fun to me, too. In fact, I can still smell the crayons.

  3. What is it about coloring? I still enjoy it when my granddaughter comes over, and she loves to have me color with her. Such fun memories.

  4. The smell of crayons brings it all back to me. My big memory from three is sleeping in a big girl bed.


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