Saturday, October 13, 2012

Relay for life- June 2013!

I have officially decided to register for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. It's in June 2013. Relay for life is a charity walk. Before the walk, I'll ask my family and friends to sponsor me by giving a donation. My goal is $1,500. I'm confident that we can raise this much. I'm doing the walk with my mom and dad.
     To be totally honest, I didn't even realize how important cancer is until I got diagnosed back in November. Thankfully, I am a survivor, but there are many people out there that re not as fortunate as I am. That's why I'm doing this walk. The American Cancer Society also has a free wig program for cancer patients. I also did Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program in May 2011. I donated 10 inches of hair to their program. With that hair, they made a wig for a cancer patient. Six months later, when I was diagnosed, I had to get a wig from the American Cancer Society. I didn't need it, as my treatment plan changed. But, I was very lucky to be able to have gotten a wig in the first place.
  I cannot wait to do Relay for Life. Although it's in June, I can probably start getting donations now from friends and family! I'll leave you with a moving quote: " Cancer does not have a face until it's yours or someone you know"-Anthony DeMonte

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