Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fiction Piece- One Little Thing

Month 1- September

It's the first day of Junior year. Although I'm only four weeks pregnant, I have a slightly rounded belly. I have my monthly baby  checkup this afternoon. Maybe my doctor can explain why I'm showing at only four weeks.
  All in all, the school day is pretty boring. Math, English, Science... all things I don't want to focus on. How can I posibly concentrate on anything when I have a tiny baby growing inside me?
  I inadvertantley fall asleep in science. I'm sleep deprived, and I am freaked out about telling my mom and sister about my pregnancy. Every time I try to fall asleep, I am jolted awake by anxiety. I decide I only have one option: I have to tell my mom NOW!
  I reluctantly pull out my cell phone during my passing period. I type in her cell phone number, text "I'm pregnant"to her, and press Send.
 I shut off my cell phone immediately. Truthfully, I don't want to know how she'll react, but it'll surely be negative. 5 hours later, I just can't take the suspense anymore! I pull out my cell phone. There's a message from my mom: "You can't be serious!". I reply, telling her that I'm going to the doctor today after school. My mom says she'll meet me there. When I walk in to the Dr's office, my mom has tears in her eyes." I just can't believe this is happening!", she says.

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