Monday, October 22, 2012

One little thing

I look at the test. There is a gigantic + sign on it. Immediately, I start bawling my eyes out. I always thought, "This willl NEVER happen to me!". I cannot tell my parents. I can only imagine how they'll react. In fact-I'll just wait for them to find out for themselves. They'll see that my belly is getting bigger, and then they'll know.  A sense of panick sets in. There is no way possible that I can raise a child-I AM a child! However, abortion is not something that I believe in. Even though right now my child is just a ball of cells right now, he or she is still a living person. I have to acknowledge that. 
  Being a girl with a horrible family life, I want something that is solely mine. My parents are divorced, and my sister Elizabeth is never home. She is always out drinking or doing drugs with her boyfriend.  Still, they all care about me. How will I ever live this down?

That night, I have a dream about telling my parents this shocking news. I also envision that my baby knows exactly what's going on.

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