Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Attacked by Mr. Annonoymous!!

I logged onto my blog this morning, and saw that I had 2 new comments from early on in the A-Z challenge. As you might have guessed, this was a Mr. Annonymous! He was trying to persuade me to visit his blog and buy some sort of detox product- not gonna happen! As much as I appreciate a visitor, I only like valuable comments, not spam! Because of this incident, I have no choice but to change my comment settings. Don't worry- I'm not turning on CAPTCHA! I just want to make sure that I know who is commenting from now on and that they are actually interested in my blog. I also removed his comment immediately. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Any comments from my followers are always appreciated! Please know that this blog is going to be more secure from now on.


  1. Yeah, the A-Z was a magnet for that kind of thing. I never had any before, but met Mr. Annonymous at least a dozen times during the last weeks. Frustrating.

  2. I feel very lucky that I haven't yet (knock on virtual wood) been visited by Mr. Anonymous. I always wonder at the algorithms and how they choose certain blogs.

  3. Hi Morgan .. I still get the odd comment slip through that is obviously advertising ... I can deal with that - just move them over or leave them sitting in spam in case they're real. I check in comments when I remember!

    Glad you haven't had to put WV up .. cheers Hilary

  4. Sometimes I have posts that get constant spam. Usually blogger catches it but sometimes the slip though. It is annoying.


  5. Sad that you have to build a barrier just because some are ruining the fun. This hasn't happened to me so far but I wonder if I'll take any measures besides just deleting the comment when it does.


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