Thursday, April 2, 2015

C is for Chip

Chip is one of my all time favorite Disney characters. He's so cute and funny! My favorite quote is at the end of the film when everyone's human again. Chip asks, "Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?" Hilarious!

Here are a couple of photos I snapped of Chip during my visit to Disney World in January! We saw a play of "Beauty and the Beast".

I can't end this post without including a video clip of Chip! This is a Youtube clip of the actual play that we saw while at Disney. Also, did I mention that I bought a real-life Chip mug? It looks just like him, but sadly it doesn't talk. :(


  1. My ex-wife's younger brother was nicknamed Chip. Oddly, my first wife's older brother was also nicknamed Chip. And both those wives were from Richmond, Virginia. I never really noticed that until this post brought back that memory. Weird.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. Chip is so endearing! Great character! The truly amazing thing is how they make the costumes to look just like the animated figures. I wonder if it's a collaborative effect while creating the characters.

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Chip was my favorite character on Beauty and the Beast. :)

  5. Brand new follower here, from A to Z. Nice to meet you!

    2015 A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Matthew MacNish from The QQQE

  6. I remember him from a Disney marathon with a friend years ago. Thank you for the memory. As for the A to Z challenge, I'm number 1398 in the list (I understand they want us to show that) and I wish you well, my fellow blogger.

  7. Chip is cute and one sees through him often, in the film

  8. Chip is also one of my favorite Disney characters. I do theatre for fun and I always say I want to be Chip if we ever do Beauty and the Beast - unfortunately that won't happen since Chip's a boy, but it's fun to pretend.
    I'm also doing the A-Z Challenge and right now, I'm number 515 on the list.


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