Monday, April 13, 2015

L is for Lumiere.

This is by far my absolute favorite character (besides Chip!) in Beauty and the Beast. I love his accent. He's also really romantic, and he has a romantic relationship going on with the mop. I don't know her name. Lumiere also is in love with Belle at the beginnin of the movie. When she walks in, she kisses Belle's hands for about 5 minutes, until Clocksworth tells him to stop I enjoyed his performance in 'Be Our Guest'! Oh, if all candles could talk...

Here's a picture of me holding a Lumiere candle. We didn't buy it because it was $40, but I thought this picture was adorable!

Enjoy this clip of Lumiere:


  1. $40?! Geez. Why is everything at Disney so expensive!? Love him though, so hilarious! He really is such a well crafted character.

  2. I don't generally like B&B stuff, but I did have to have the Lumiere candle when I saw it and it's one of my favorite collectibles! Disney stuff is expensive, but the joy it brings is priceless!

  3. I'm curious to know who is going to play Lumiere in the live-action version... :)

  4. Interesting Tidbit - The guys who played Lumiere and Cogsworth didn't like each other all the much in real life.

    Mary @ Willoughby Editing

  5. I love that Lumiere. He had some really great lines in B&B. Very clever and quite funny.


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