Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Poor Unfortunate Souls and Pat Carroll!

P is for Poor Unfortunate Souls. This is my favorite Disney villain song. Ursula seems like she's caring in the beginning of it, but then it takes a dark turn in the middle. By the end, Ursula's wickedness is quite obvious.

P is also for Pat Carroll, who voiced Ursula. She's 87, but she's stil hilarious!! Fun fact: Pat and I share a birthday- May 5th! Obviously different years. I'm not that old. ;) 


  1. Extraordinary character. Ursula would fill anyone's resume.

  2. What a great evil character and I love how she swivelled her boobs into the camera:) On a side not-Rumor Willis is on Dancing With The Stars and last week was Disney. She played Ursula and was great!


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