Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for Sleepy and Snow White.

S is for Sleepy. Sleepy reminds me of myself because I love to sleep! I'm a college student, and sleep is a luxury for me. I love taking naps, and can sleep up to 3 or 4 hours at a time during one. I couldn't find a clip os Sleepy, as they are all copyrighted by Disney.

S is for Snow White. Snow White is one of the youngest Disney Princesses- 14 years old. She is a great character in that she's super cute and caring, but she's also extremely gullible. Personally, if an old hag were to offer me an apple, I'd think she were crazy. The animals give the Princess an obvious hint when they knock the apple out of the Queen's hands, but she is too naieve to take a hint!


  1. Snow's voice always bothered me, but it's such a beautiful movie overall, I never minded too much. I'm kind of a mix of Sleepy, Sneezy, and Grumpy!

  2. Yes, all of the naivety of childhood is being stripped away. Look at Frozen, the current animated hit. The prince is charming, but only so he can deceive.
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  3. I love the original story of Snow White and know she was this young. In the film, actually, I thought she was just stupid. Naïve is a nicer way to say it:)

  4. Since Cinderella was recently redone, I would think Snow White might also be in the works.

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